eIDCMS Application

IDCMS offers a web-based service which is ideally suited for companies/ organizations or educational institutions which regularly need to produce ID cards. Perhaps a corporation wants authorized employees to order ID cards via their Intranet. Or an Association may wish to give its members the right to order membership cards. Alternatively, a service provider may wish to offer its clients a simple II) Card ordering system. In each of these cases, IDCMS offers an easy-to-implement outsourced service.
While each case is unique, typical options are described below.

1. BACK-END PROCESSING: All information is managed on our portal, including photo uploading. The uploaded data is sent to the preferred administrator for validation. Once validated, the card data is sent directly to our servers for immediate processing and printing.

2. HOW IT WORKS: A link is provided to all the individuals for whom the organizations is intending to issue ID Cards. The person or the parent (in case of educational institution) feeds in the data and uploads the photo and signature also. Once the data is uploaded the data is not available for editing or viewing to avoid misuse of the entered data by others. This uploaded data comes to the administrator who validates, checks for the correctness of the data add or edit fields and in turns posts the link to us. We will process the ID Cards instantly and will be sent through the courier to the administrator only.

A truly customized Solution:

Delivery Services : Cards can be always sent to one headquarters location, or to multiple pre-arranged local delivery addresses.

IDCMS also offers drop-ship services, so that an individual can enter their ship-to address, and their personalized ID card will be sent directly to them. We are also able to include customized lanyards and badge holders, if required, with each card order. All logistics are thus handled by IDCMS.

Payment Services: Payment is always on a per-card basis. As cards are ordered, payment can be processed in several ways: The organization has to release the Purchase order on us along with 50% advance against which we will start processing the ID Cards. At the end of the month or when the PO quantity expires the invoice is raised and sent to the customer for payment. Once the payment is received and a fresh PO with advance comes to us we start processing the cards and cycle continues.

Technical Support Services

We provide the portal link with simple instructions on how to create the fields and upload photos and signatures. This process is a very inexpensive, yet high-profile way to build the brand identity of a national association, and to increase the value to members by facilitating their ability to show credentials and qualifications. It can make it very easy to implement a company-wide ID card program, especially for organizations whose members are dispersed geographically.

The major advantage of the system is collection of data including photos and signatures within no time and completely error free. It saves lot of stationery for printing ID forms, printing Photos for which one need to visit the photo labs, sending the data to the card printers and the time required at the card printers for data entry, mistakes while doing the data, photo mismatch can be avoided.

The complete data base (except the Photo and signature) is available on the cloud for further usage by the organisation. If you need to reissue a lost or damaged card just send the employee number and name the card is delivered as we are maintaining the data base at our servers.

Above at it avoids the overhead of setting up an in-house production process which can be expensive to operate and slow to respond to the variable nature of the demand for ID Cards.

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